Krakow walking tour and Prague adventure

This time, it was Europe turn to tempt me with its cheap air tickets. I had never been in central Europe before so when I saw ridiculously cheap flight to Poland I immediately booked it! The flight was to Krakow – a beautiful city in southern Poland. It turned out to be a perfect idea as my trip started from the Krakow walking tour and then, spontaneously, spread to one more country!

Unforgettable Krakow

Anyway, let’s start form the begging. I came to the airport and took a bus to the city center. It was surprisingly close as it took only 30 minutes. My hotel was just in the center so I had the most important spots around me. I’d book Krakow walking tour with KrakowDirect as i prefer to discover the places by walk. I can appreciate every street cause they are so different indeed. I loved the architecture of the city. It has a lot of antique buildings but also very modern skyscrapers. Therefore, it creates a perfect mixture of past and modernity inside the city center.

Krakow walking tour
The main square of Krakow is very impressive and full of pigeons!

My Krakow walking tour has started in the main square of the Old Town. What struck me the most was the unbelievably huge amount of pigeons in there! There were crowds of people as well, however I felt like the pigeons have the dominance in the city. It wasn’t problem for me, but I can imagine that these birds have a bad reputation among the citizens. Anyway, the main square with St. Mary’s Basilica and Cloth halls was very impressive. Afterwords, our Krakow walking tour took us to the Wawel Castle. This medieval royal castle is the official Historical Monument of Poland. Its complex consists of beautiful religious and royal buildings and on its foothills it has the Dragon’s Den! After we sat in a lovely cafe in a Kazimierz district – the old Jewish part of Krakow.
In addition I had extremely nice guide and we had talked a lot during the Krakow walking tour. It turned out that he is cheap air tickets hunter as well! We even exchanged contact to keep in touch.

Unexpected day in Prague

Prague view
Prague is very colorful place with extremely nice people!

As you know, I’m a cheap flights freak so every evening I sit with my computer and check the current occasions. It’s just my habit. After my Krakow walking tour I did the same and guess what! I found unbelievably cheap flights to Prague for the following day. I didn’t think much and bought the tickets. AlthoughI the flight was for the next day, I hadn’t have many things to pack:) The Prague was amazing as well. As my Krakow walking tour was a bull’s-eye, I searched for something like this in Prague. It wasn’t hard to find and before noon I started my Prague walking tour. The city reminded me of Krakow a lot. However, in my opinion it has more space in itself. I saw the most important monuments as Mala Strana district, the Karol’s Bridge and John Lennon’s Wall. After a lovely day in Prague I had to go back home but I was very happy about my Central Europe journey.

To sum up, my spontanious trip to Poland and Czech Republic was very satisfying. Of course, it could have been a little bit longer but I had to adjust to the tickets. I simply love this kind of excursion and hope to have more in the following months!