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This time it was Europe that tempted me with cheap airline tickets. I had never been to the central parts of the continent before, so when I saw almost free tickets for a flight to Poland, I booked it without hesitation. The landing was directly at the airport near the city of Krakow. I had heard about this place more than once, so I decided that it must be destiny. All that was left to do was to pack and wait for next day full of impressions, that’s what I like the most! Not only unusual places are worth seeing, this time fate wanted me to go to more civilized area.

Discovering Europe


Let’s start from the beginning. Everything happened fast and surprisingly easy. Just in the morning. I landed at Krakow airport, near city center. Honestly, I was quite surprised that there is such well developed air communication in Poland. You can fly to Krakow even from the States or Dubai. In this respect, already while buying a ticket, the city gained my appreciation that they are so open to people from all over the world.

As soon as I set foot on the tarmac, I immediately felt that an interesting adventure awaited me. New place, new people, new experiences. The departure points, departure boards, and announcements in other languages were all perfectly marked at the airport so that everyone could find their way around without any problems.

The trip from the airport to the center passed in a blink of an eye. All thanks to the excellent organization and the offer the city gives to its tourists. There are city buses and trains leaving every few minutes, and on every corner there is a nice man with a cab or other carriers. Krakow airport transfer was very recommended by other travelers, so I opted for comfort and convenience by using the services of a VIP Krakow airport transfer. In less than 30 minutes I was on the spot, safe and sound. During the trip I could look around through the car windows and see interesting places.

 Amazing Krakow


My hotel was right in the center, so I had the most important places around me.  I would book a tour of Krakow with Krakow Direct, because I prefer to explore places on foot, and their offer was really interesting. While walking through the city on foot I have time to capture interesting photos, mingle with local people and feel the atmosphere of the place. I was enchanted by the architecture of this city. It has many historic buildings, but also very modern skyscrapers. Thanks to that it creates a perfect mix of past and modern civilization. All around you can see and feel the amazing cultural mix. Everywhere is full of students, foreign tourists, but also families with children rushing through life.


Monuments, art and something good for the palate


            The tour started in the main square of the Old Town. What struck me the most was the incredibly huge number of pigeons! There were also crowds of people, but I felt that the pigeons had the power to dominate this city. This was not a problem for me, but I imagine that these birds have a bad reputation among the locals. Feeding them local bagels was an interesting experience. Although I do not know how, such a delicious bread, you can give away for the birds!

Market Square with St. Mary’s Basilica and the Cloth Hall made a huge impression on me. The next must-see was Wawel Castle. No wonder that this medieval royal castle is an official Monument of Polish History. Its complex consists of beautiful sacred and royal buildings, and at its foot is the Dragon’s Cave! After this part of the whole trip, all thirsty for a moment of rest, we sat down in a charming cafe in Kazimierz – the old Jewish part of Krakow. The very atmosphere of this place is literally indescribable. You just have to come there! In addition, I don’t know if even in Italy I drank as delicious coffee as there.

Enjoying the unusual taste of local delicacies, we moved on walking along the boulevards by the Vistula River. I was surprised by the number of people riding bicycles, running and doing other sports, but in such a place and with such a view, I would run myself.

It was not the end of attractions. The turning point and ending of our trip was to be a balloon flight! Fortunately, I am not afraid of heights and I do not regret that I decided to fly! It was an amazing experience! I felt free, like a bird, admiring the panorama of the entire city and an incredibly colorful sunset, just like in South Africa.

In addition, our guide, an extremely cheerful and talkative man, turned out to be a hunter of cheap plane tickets, just like me. We even exchanged contact to stay in touch. As they say – nothing brings people together like a common passion.

 Traveling brings people together


I really recommend you to take advantage of such opportunities. Even if you do not have a companion at the moment, remember that even if you travel alone, you will never be lonely! As you know, I am a fan of spontaneous trips, and not everyone can afford it. Cheap flight search engines often have only one place on offer for a given flight, because someone cancelled it. And that’s when it’s a chance to fly and discover the world and yourself!

Krakow is an incredibly beautiful place. The combination of cultures, modern art and history, but also a city full of life of young and old people. Beautiful monuments, excellent food, well organized transport and a wide range of accommodation for tourists. All this in this one city – the capital of Malopolska.








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