Project Alaska

Most of people, don’t now much about Alaska. It is totally understandable since this faraway land is kinda isolated. I mean, there are no big cities, no world known financial centres and so on. Most of Alaska is just taiga and tundra and the places that are not, are just villages, small towns and cities that have nothing in common with big cities kind of New York, London or Tokyo. And this is why Alaska is such an undiscovered place still.

Most of people choose to live in big cities where they can develop intensively intellectually or in terms of work. Alaska is more like quite, calm, very natural place that welcomes people looking for zen. Indeed, I am the same as most of people heading for Alaska. The reason I booked a flight to Ninilchik was obviously low price of the air ticket but also that deep need to run away from all the hustle and bustle of the big city that I used to live in all my life.

I've taken this picture during a trip to Tagiak.
I’ve taken this picture during a trip to Tagiak.

So I started looking for some faraway place where I could calm dawn, go for quiet, erase   my brain and just load my internal batteries. I was searching for a long time and waiting for some bargain that would make me go to Peru, Zimbabwe or Idk… And then, I have hit upon that super-cheap flight to Ninilchik! I didn’t even hesitate! I have already known Alaska’s waiting for me! Bang!

I’ve booked the flight and started planning my great trip into the wild. And Ninilchic was going to be my first stop in that fabulous adventure. Let me tell you a few words about the town. The place is mainly inhabited by Russians. There are only about 220 families and the population is less then 4 people per square mile. Before European people came to Alaska, the city of Ninilchik had used to be just a hunting and fishing area. Those were Russians colonists who as the first ones decided to stay in Ninilchik permanently.

It was before the Alaska purchase (when USA  purchased the region from Russia for 7 million dollars). So, the original language spoken in Ninilchik used to be Russian, but everything has changed after the United States’ve become the region’s owner. However, today, there are still a few people speaking that specific Russian dialect. Read more…